Thursday, 28 January 2016

❀ D.I.Y Ferero Rocher Bouquet ❀

Cheers to doin'-it-yourself a.k.a D.I.Y !! 

I love D.I.Y !!

I learn 
I try
I fail
I enjoy the small stuff
I continue to dream 
I succeed 
I embrace the imperfection !!

Well, life is always better when it's a little bit messy !

So, this is my first attempt of doing Ferero Rocher Bouquet
with my bestie, Kelvin Tan.


Small D.I.Y Stick

DAISO Japan Origami Japanese Fancy Folding Paper 
(150mm, 4 kinds, 100 sheets)


Transparent Cellophane Tape

Ferero Rocher


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