Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hue , Day 5

Day 5, after breakfast, we took 10 minutes walk to the Perfume River where we rode the cruise to the beautiful riverside pagoda of Thien Mu, which now becomes the symbol of Hue. Along Perfume River, we are able to enjoy the scenic countryside.

After we reached the riverbank, we can see Thien Mu Pagoda in front of us. Thien Mu pagoda is a historical temple in the city of Hue, where the pagoda is the tallest religious building in Vietnam. 

At night, we took Nem Lui as our dinner nearby our hotel. Nem Lui is a famous Hue must try dish. It is made of finely ground beef and pork, plus shredded pork skin and fat, garlic, sugar and fish sauce, and then formed into sausages around stalks of lemongrass, grilled over charcoal and set in front of diners. This is serve with half-moons of rice paper (for wrapping around the meat), to which you add sliced lettuce, cucumbers and trai va (a green fig unique to the region), lightly pickled strings of carrot and green papaya, cold rice vermicelli and a pile of herbs. 

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