Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kellina's 20th Birthday Celebration ❥

Cheers to my Monash bestie, Kellina Chew! She had turned 20 this year!! And of coarse, Nicole, Jaclyn and I decided to throw a birthday celebration for her.

On the day before her celebration, three of us went to Sunway Pyramid to choose her birthday present. And we decided to get her a pretty notebook, lotion with good fragrant, Jaclyn's souvenir from Bangkok and a wonderful birthday card from three of us.  

On this special day, we decided to meet up for lunch at 2pm. Before that, Nicole came over to my house and she made special breakfast for me! ❥ No doubts, she's really a good cook and I did learned a lot !

Toasted bread, Jjajang Tuna, and Sausages

Scramble eggs cooked by Nicole ❥
(Ingredients : Eggs, Coriander leaves, milk, cheese)
(Tips : never leave the eggs in the frying pan for too long) 

We even watched "City of Bones : The Mortal Instrument" while enjoying our breakfast. "City of Bones" was one of my favourite movie, and I'm super in love with the main actor and actress!! I couldn't believe Nicole watched it for 5 times LMAO !! 

After that, we went to Jaclyn's house to get the birthday card ready. Soon, Kellina arrived and Nicole went down to bring her up. Meanwhile, Jaclyn, Hansem and I tidied up the room. At the peak moment, Jaclyn suggested that we should let the curtain down and on the decorative light to make the environment romantic. After that, we hid behind the door so that we could surprised Kellina. I certainly wouldn't forget how nervous we were while waiting for her to come into the room. 

Finally, she came in, and we successfully surprised her by singing Happy Birthday song. We were glad that she was surprised and loved the present we bought for her ! 

Later, we departed to Walnut Cafe and Bar for lunch. The environment was god damn pretty!! 

After lunch, Nicole need to go home. So, Kellina, Jaclyn and I followed Hansem's car back to Nadayu. While waiting for my daddy to pick me up, Jaclyn did Kellina and my hair. She curled and did French-Dutch Braids for us ❥ 


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