Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Short Getaway To Melaka ❥

7.7.2016 ~ Our first unplanned getaway to Melaka !

Last Tuesday, when we are shopping, we talked about having a getaway out of hectic life in Kuala Lumpur. And we decided to go on a trip to Melaka using bus. 

On the day, we gathered at KL Sentral and departed to TBS Station. The bus we used is KKKL Bus. It's our first time using a bus to outstation and we are very excited. Upon arriving, we planned to go to Jonker Street using the local bus. However, we are shocked as we saw all the workers using the bus. Just then, there were two girls who are using the same bus with us were also standing beside us. They also planned to get a taxi to Jonker Street. Hence, four of us decided to share the taxi fare together. 

Jonker Street is a small street in Malacca. Along Jonker Street, there aren't a lot of sightseeing opportunities, but the main attraction here is the famous local foods that you shouldn't missed. The distance to Jonker Street from Melaka Sentral took about 15 minutes, and the fare was RM30.

Jonker Street was super crowded as it was holiday season. Our first stop was the famous Chung Hwa Coffee Shop. It is one of the famous touristy chicken rice ball shop at Jonker Street, located beside Hoe Kee. As expected, there was a long queue.

After enjoying this satisfying chicken rice ball, we went to have some dessert. And of course, Jonker 88 is the best choice for cendol. 

Another must try food in Jonker Street is "One Bite Durian Puff". The tray of those durian puff is refrigerated regularly. The durian puff is morsel sized and we are told to eat it in one bite for the fear of unnecessary mess. The durian custard tasted like durian but it was way too watery to even be considered a filling. 

There are several unique landmarks in Jonker Street. We stumbled upon this distinctive statue which was attracting a large crowd. Some bystanders were milling about , curious about its origins, while many others were more concerned with taking a photo imitating Datuk Wira Dr Gan Boon Leong;s muscleman pose. 

This head massager is one of the hot sell item in Jonker Street Gallery.

Next we visited Christ Church, one of the famous sightseeing attraction in Malacca's Chinatown centre. It is located across the bridge from the Jonker Street. There are a lot of colourful Trishaws (you can pay to ride it)and directly opposite is the Historical Museum and Ethnographical Museum. 

In the evening, we went to explore the beautiful man-made desert - Klebang Beach. Tourist can experience like being in desert of Middle East country. It's really an awesome place that tourists should not missed out. 

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