Friday, 8 July 2016

My First Marathon [21km Nike Run]

This is my first marathon in my life — 21km Nike Run ! I was so excited and nervous as I'm not a good in running. We only took 3-4 hours of sleep as we need to arrive Nu Sentral at 5am. 

21km isn't a joke. Basically, the run is around Kuala Lumpur City. We passed by all the shopping malls, run along the highway and also passed by some places where I never been before. 

Along the journey, I got muscle cramp. What make me nervous is that we need to reach 16km at 9am. Those who failed to accomplish the task will be fetched by a bus. At that moment, I just reach 8km at 7.30am. However, I didn't give up and tried my best to run even though my muscle is super pain. And yeah! I managed to finish 21km at 11am !! :D

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