Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hoi An Day 2

After breakfast, we departed to My Son. My Son was located in the heart of valley, surrounded by mountain ranges, that are natural boundaries with the Duy Phu village, Duy Xuyen district and Quang Nam province. It was about 45km away from Hoi An in the West. My Son was also called ''The Angkor Wat of Vietnam".

The Entrance of My Son

The site of Vietnam's most extensive Cham remains, My Son enjoyed an enchanting setting in a lush jungle valley, overlooked by Cat's Tooth Mountain (Hon Quap). The temples were in poor shape - only about 20 structures survive where at least 68 once stood, but the intimate nature of the site, surrounded by gurgling streams, was still enthralling.

My Son was once the most important intellectual and religious centre of the kingdom of Champa and may also have served as a burial place for Cham monarchs. It was rediscoverd int the late 19th century by the French, who restored parts of the complex. However, American bombing later devastated the temples. Today, it is a Unesco World Heritage site.

A short performance was presented for the tourists.

The archaeologists have divided My Son's monuments into 10 main groups, uninspringly named A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K. Each structure within that group is given a number. Only a handful of the monuments are properly labelled, but recent ongoing restoration has introduced a range of good information panels outlining the history of the site.

After visiting My Son, we departed to have our lunch. We had our lunch in a silk village. 

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